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Eargasm: DropxLife

No one has ever really seen him. There are only about two pictures of him online, the one above being one of them. He's the guy in the beanie, and if you're a fan of the Weeknd, chances are you'll absolutely love this mysterious Canadian producer.

DropxLife is a part of the famous XO team, along with the Weeknd and other artists. He has collaborated with the former on the song Initiation and has 3 mixtapes of his own so far (download links can be found at the end of the post). One of the most interesting things about this producer is probably the fact that with almost every track comes some witty quote or dialogue, such as this one:

"Rarely, if ever, will people make an effort to truly understand you. Like c'mon, you're not that fucking important... Most of the time they'll just piece your shit together and call it a day, y'know, like the things you write in your online statuses, the forms of entertainment you engage in, the way you pose in group photos. All those things are what people use to make you not necessarily who you are, but who you are to them."
omg who am i

I can't say anything bad about DropxLife. Every song of his is worth listening to, in my opinion. The extreme minimalism in terms of lyrics, the loft-like vibe as well as the soothing but intricate sounds in each song is what differentiates them from anything the industry has come out with in the past few years. If you like dark, ambient music, then DropxLife is definitely a producer worth checking out!

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Official website: THEWEEKND.COM
ALLXLEGENDS download link:
FURTHUR download link:
12X12 download link:

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