Blogger of the Moment: Sofia El Arabi from Fashion Bakchic

Being of Moroccan origins, I used to spend hours looking for signs of the fashion blogosphere's presence in my parents' homeland. I was about to lose hope, coming to the conclusion that Morocco hadn't gotten to that stage yet, but then I stumbled upon Fashion Bakchic. Sofia El Arabi's blog frequently showcases traditional North-African items styled with more modern pieces, making El Arabi's sense of style one of the most intriguing ones I have seen so far. Being the lovely woman that she is, she agreed to answer some of my questions!

Eargasm: Flume

Ahhh Flume. I wouldn't be able to describe Harley Streten's music even if I wanted to, which I don't. This Australian producer from Sydney has recently taken over the world of post-dubstep with his debut self-titled album, and let me tell you something: it is amazing. So, here's my advice to you: sit back, close your eyes, and let yourself be transported in a magnificent parallel world.

That Military Flow

Army green, military jackets, cargo pants: we're going back to our camouflaging instincts this spring.

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