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Blogger of the Moment: Sofia El Arabi from Fashion Bakchic

Being of Moroccan origins, I used to spend hours looking for signs of the fashion blogosphere's presence in my parents' homeland. I was about to lose hope, coming to the conclusion that Morocco hadn't gotten to that stage yet, but then I stumbled upon Fashion Bakchic. Sofia El Arabi's blog frequently showcases traditional North-African items styled with more modern pieces, making El Arabi's sense of style one of the most intriguing ones I have seen so far. Being the lovely woman that she is, she agreed to answer some of my questions!

First off, why call your blog fashion bakchic? 
I wanted to name my blog Fashion Bakchich but when i put the banner, the "h" got off. I took it as a sign and I adopted it.

Why did you start your blog? 
After a shopping with my friend, we decided to wear each other's new clothes on the terrace, took some pictures and this is how the idea of having a fashion blog came.

As a girl from Casablanca, what do you love the most about your city? 
I love the old buldings, the vegetation, the sun, the sky, the little streets in the Habbous quarter. I always have this feeling that everything is possible.

Tell us a bit about your new clothing line. 
Bakchic is the fruit of a long cultural immersion inspired from all the energy of Casablanca. Casablanca from its Anfa heights and suburbs is the Moroccan Los Angeles. It’s a great mix and balance between its style, freedom feeling, and the elegance of straight lines of the rigorous tradition of Arab couture.

Favorite designer? 
Jacquemus, french designer.

Song of the moment? 
Santana & Joe Cocker in Chill out.

Beauty secret? 
Olive oil in my hair

Guilty pleasure? 
Snacking during all the day.

3 words to describe…

Maniac, generous, stubborn

Your clothing line. 
Palm Trees, flowers, excentric effortless

Noise, palm trees, almost white

Your work routine. 
Early morning in the markets for the supply, in the afternoon in my coffee with my laptop

Your lifestyle. 
A lot of travel, family, home

Your vision of the future. 
Mentalities changes, people will not throw garbages on the streets, woman will walk on the streets an no one will talk with you :-)

You can check out Sofia's blog right here, as well as her clothing line on her online shop. Also, do not forget to follow her on Instagram, to like her Facebook page, and to follow her on Twitter!

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